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5 Feb 2015

WordPress Coaching & Training Website

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This website will become home to WordPress training material, how-to videos, and WordPress lessons. Interested? Stay tuned. You’ll be glad you did. Here’s a little introductory information about this WordPress training website.

What I Offer

My products and services fall into four categories. These groups include all areas of WordPress training and several different methods for finding the right fit.

Private WordPress Coaching

Personal, one-on-one Skype calls and video chats to help you maximize your WordPress website. I’ll talk to you (virtually) face-to-face in a video conference via Skype or another similar video chat program. These video coaching sessions allow you to have your questions answered directly, one-on-one by a WordPress expert.

Group WordPress Webinars

Following along for 30 minutes with no-pressure webinar videos. All my WordPress group training webinars are available for download so you can re-watch them anytime. Most webinars include question-and-answer sessions at the end and text transcripts are available upon request.

WordPress Training Videos

I’ve built up a library of simple YouTube videos to watch at your own pace. Pause, rewind, and re-watch these WordPress videos to become an expert. Embed your favorite videos into your site (I’ll teach you how!) for your own use or for your beginner WordPress clients.

WordPress Learning Guides

A huge collection of printable PDFs and downloadable, sharable WordPress tutorials to save and take with you. These resources are a great place for any WordPress beginner to start learning. If you’re not the talkative type, these offline WordPress training resources are for you.

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