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Can rich snippets / microdata play nice with WordPress? It mostly depends on your theme. But a plugin like "All In One Rich Snippets" is a strong alternative.
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12 Mar 2015

Test Driving All In One Rich Snippets Plugin

Posted By, rich snippets, microdata, microformats, Dublin Core…whatever you want to call it. It’s an SEO necessity these days. Some themes do a great job implementing it—most notably in my experience, Enfold and both the Genesis and Thesis frameworks.

But what if you’re not using one of those themes? What if your theme doesn’t include markup out of the box? How are you used to implement it? Well, that’s tricky.

All In One Rich Snippets Plugin

This plugin does a nice job of making up for your theme’s missing markup. The trouble is that themes and plugins are mutually exclusive. A plugin can’t modify your theme’s HTML markup. It can only affect what WordPress stores in its database or attach itself to a WP hook/function. Therefore, if your theme doesn’t already have itemscope, itemtype, itemprop, and the rest, no plugin can add them for you.

Instead, All In One Rich Snippets does the next best thing: it adds some stuff for you. It generates a box at the end of your page/post which contains the appropriate markup. It’s not as good as having your entire site built with the markup baked in. But it’s definitely better than nothing. And it’s integrated in a minimally-intrusive, user-friendly way. Even the admin boxes are well done.

Test Driving All In One Rich Snippets Plugin
Article Name
Test Driving All In One Rich Snippets Plugin
A blog post describing my experience testing the "All In One Rich Snippets" WordPress plugin. Spoiler alert: it's pretty darn good.

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