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Some WordPress inspiration for blogging & productivity: Friday Night Writes — write about anything on Friday nights, every Friday night.
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21 Mar 2015

Friday Night Writes

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From the inspiration files, a fun idea for the homebody bloggers out there: write about anything on Friday nights—every Friday night.

“But TJ!” you’ll say. “I like to go out on Friday nights!” No you don’t. You’re a couch-bound homebody like the rest of us bloggers. Or maybe you have small children like me. In any case, this idea may not be for everyone. Whatever, take it or leave it.

The week is over. Relax.

You’ve worked hard all week. Now it’s time to unwind. Write about something fun. Write about something off-topic. Write for you. You may find that it’s a great way to cap off the week, enjoy yourself, and still be productive.

I find that weekend nights are some of my most creative times—and that’s even without any beer involved! I can’t go out and have much social life with two miniature people running around at home. So Friday and Saturday look a lot like every other night. But they don’t feel like the other nights. They still feel like fun, weekend-y nights. Or at least they want to feel that way. So Friday Night Writes is my weekend fun.

It helps to be a night owl.

Have I mentioned the tiny humans I live with? They go to bed early. My overworked and underthanked wife does too. I don’t. It’s not unusual (+) for me to be up until 1 or 2am typing away at whatever project has my attention that night. Fridays become my night. I’ll still stay up late working, but it’ll be on something for me and my benefit or enjoyment, rather than s client’s.

And in some cases, like this very blog post, I’ll lie in bed and write on my iPhone with WordPress’ iOS app. It’s not perfect, but it’s a great outlet for late night strokes of inspiration.

What are your most inspired moments?

Everyone is different, right? I know a guy who says he’s a diagnosed insomniac. He sleeps 1-5am (or less) every night, regardless of how tired he is or isn’t. That leaves him 20 usable hours every day to be productive. Smartly, he capitalizes on that time, rather than squandering it on video games or something. His most productive time, he tells me, is 5-7am, when no one else is awake yet.

So when do you typically feel motivated, creative, inspired, or productive? Let me know in the comments below!

Friday Night Writes
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Friday Night Writes
Blogging & productivity inspiration: Write about anything on Friday nights—every Friday night.

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